Team Boat Race – 30.june.2020

Rowing and running, simple and effective. We had a 12 rounds, max 24 minute endurance piece on the menu for today. The trick is to make a 24 minute conditioning piece enjoyable and fun. What better way of making it fun than by doing it with a buddy: Through alternating the row&run with a buddy, you almost don’t notice that you’re doing a long conditioning workout: it’s just working from round to round, from row to row.

12 rounds for time:
300/250m run
Hill Run

Buddy A would start the row, finish it fast but consistent and still have energy left to go full send on the run. Up the hill and back. The last part, would be a sprint to the ”finish”, where you’d tap your buddy’s rower and then it’s their time to shine. As say, simple, effective, and fun too!

By doing this, we’re training both aerobic and anaerobic capacity, 2 totally different energy systems with both a different function. The aerobic system we need for longer, constant pieces on medium intensity like a 40 minute bike-ride but also a 5k run is mostly done on the aerobic system. Anaerobic capacity is needed for any movement shorter than give or take 120 seconds performed at a higher intensity. Doing 10 thrusters and then 10 pull-ups is done mostly done on the anaerobic system (since 10 pull-ups won’t take you 120+ seconds of consistent moving).

By putting short rowing/running pieces into a +-24 minute workout, we’re trying to get both systems to fire up. The anaerobic part we need for those short sprints on the rower and runner and the aerobic system gets activated due to the fact we’re moving for a longer period of time on a medium intensity!

After all this monostructural work, it was time for some sixpack building, designed by no-one less than our own Samantha. One arm planks and overhead sit-ups! The one arm plank really shows some left-/right imbalances if there’s any, where the overhead sit-ups are a nice mix-up to the conventional sit-up we’re used to doing. As always, variety is key for successful training, so mixing up the planks&sit-ups every now and than is a good thing, both for your strength as for your sixpack:)

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