Thruster & Down to Earth – 19.Oktober.2020

We like thrusters. Do we? Yes we do. As long as it is just a couple. 3 would be just fine. So 3 we did! (If we just forget about what is going to happen afterwards)

This picture sums it up pretty much. The thruster has all of it, a press, a squat, and in the case of today: a clean too. That´s why it is so much fun to do, it trains a lot of different movements all at once, combined with some old school conditioning and mental mindf*ck!

As seen on the picture below, todays workout consisted of a EMOM with 3 thrusters every 90 seconds, allowing you to build up towards a heavy set of 3. These 6 rounds gave you a chance to either test your strength on the movement, or to practice the movement mechanics. On of the most important part in the Thruster is patience. Often, we see that people start pushing to early, when they are still half in their squat. Or they already start going down into their squat while the bar is still overhead. This order of moving is of critical importance, because it determines your efficiency. Good technique = more weight. It is not either/or, it is both!

After loading up our barbells and giving 6 sets of heavy thrusters, it was time to take the weights of again and get on with our spicy closer of today. Thé lethal combination in CrossFit, the all-feared combination of thrusters and burpees. Many open workouts use this receipe to greate the most disgusting workouts, but today was actually quite the comfortable one. 7 Thrusters is do-able, and 7 burpees as well. Just don´t go to hot out of the gate, keep moving and look for consistancy and we will make it through. It looks worse on the board people, don´t worry, it always does look worse than it actually is:) Somehow, you guys always keep coming back, so that bad it can´t be. Have a good night and enjoy your week guys!

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