Push Press & Kick Push – 23. Oktober. 2020

Well Friday again and another fun workout to end the week. 2 parter today, having 15min to fund our heaviest 3 rep push press. Then after hitting a 12min amrap called Kick and push, Focusing on 3 movements – Push presses, Toes to bar and cal on the bike. Starting with 3 reps on each movements and each time finishing all 3 movements, adding 3 reps.

To start the day we got some moving up and down to loosen up those stiff pecks and abs, for those who did yesterdays workout. Then getting some heart rate going up with the bike, the movement prep time, getting the toes 2 bar and and push press. Making sure the form and technique is safe and good to go heavy

Then having our groups in teams of 2 having 15min to find out how heavy they can lift. For some it was time to see how heavy and for others it was making that technique better, so in the future they will be able to try it heavy. After that we got everyones barbells weight up for the main workout and 3…2…1 Lets go.

The trap that this workout has is to not go all out on the 3,6 and 9 reps at the start, if you do when you hit 12 you will start to feel the tiredness sinking in and that not what we wanted everyone to aim for. So plan time: take it slow and keep to that tempo throughout the workout, after hitting 12rep. Start to break up your reps into small sets to keep that tempo through. That whats everyone had aimed for today and destroyed this workout

Quick News: we have restocked on our nutrimino & nocco drinks guys. We would ask of you to keep an eye on our stocks and purchases better, if you could vipps like always but also write down on this paper your full name and what you took. So it would be easier for us to check up quicker, so we can keep this fridge full for you guys in the future

Thank you, god helg everyone and enjoy your weekend

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