Touch the Sky – 12.November.2020

Playtime! Today was the day to throw your life upside down and practice a bit with some monkey-business: Handstand walking! In today’s workout, we combined some external loading and heavy breathing with a high-skill gymnastic workout. First, the scores for today’s AMRAP:

Before going off for this 15 minute workout, there was quite some time to play around with the handstand walk. For a lot of you, it’s really uncomfortable to be upside down. Getting more and more used to this is therefor key, before you start trying to walk on your hands. That’s why we had a couple of drills for today.

First we would ask you to throw up a handstand against the wall. For some of you, piece of cake, for others, the biggest challenge ever. A nice step to learn to throw yourself upside down is to first go to a headstand, where you support yourself on your head and hands, before kicking up to a handstand.

Step number 2 would be to learn to create tension in the upside down position. We would like to have our sixpack tight when we are upside down, so we are not ”hanging” in the lower back. Surely supporting yourself from your core is difficult upside down, but necessary to have a solid handstand and handstand walk.

After getting used to being upside down and standing on our hands, it was time for a bit of walking. Those uncomfortable upside down could walk around the box while being upside down, while the more experienced handstanders could actually give the handstand walk itself a try. Maybe with the helping hand of a buddy or by yourself, but all of us got some upsidedown-time today.

Now, playtime is over, the music goes up and workout starts. 15 minutes of steady working with lunges, handstand walking/bear crawls, and double unders. While the double unders are typical conditioning stuff, also the lunges gets the heartrate going quite a lot, because of the insane tension in the body while performing movements on one leg.

Boys vs the Girls, Part 2.

I think this pictures says enough. Since about a month, we are doing science at Verftet. The goal is to end the battle between the sexes once and for all.

With the test which gender could find out how a HANDDRYER works first, the boys obviously took the win. And seeing from the mess in the ladies toilet, the girls still haven’t found out how a how this magical piece of 21st century equipment works, or don’t want to find out.
(But if you HAVE to use paper, for taking of make-up for example, please throw it in the toilet and not in the garbage bin. Since it’s called toilet-paper, I think it’s going to be safe to flush it).

Now there is this new experiment. Who can find out how a DOOR works first, the boys, or the girls? Without any clues, both genders did not know how to close a door. But by just putting 1 little note on the door, the boys got the message straight away and found out how to close it.

Since the girls haven’t figured this one out yet, we tried something new. Will be continued..!

We really enjoyed giving you some time to play around with the HSW today guys, and I hope you did too. Have a good night and see you tomorow!

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