Shuffleboard – 18.November.2020

Wet, wetter, wetst. Waking up this morning, hearing about the possibility of snow tomorrow, really makes you realize that autumn is leaving us and winter is there. And what best to do when it’s wet, dark and cold. Yes: Running!

Combined with more or less every possible movement we have in CrossFit of course. No less than 6 different movements combined in this running workout of today.

We had the medium- to high skill gymnastic movements for today: Chest-to-bars, Toes-to-Bars and regular pull-ups. To give your upperbody some rest, there were 3 different squatting variations (and a bit of a press;)): Thrusters, Overhead Squats and Front Squats. Talking about a full body training.

In workouts like this, having a good idea of what you’d like out of a workout is important. Because there’s so many different things to look at and to focus on, you’re not going to become better at everything at the same time. In the squatting variation for example: Most of you thought the overhead squat was the limiting factor of today, the hardest version of the squat. Determining yourself in become better at the overhead squat is than the way to go. Taking a bit easier weight allows you to really focus on the movement, even if this means that the thrusters and front squats will feel relatively easy.

The same goes for the gymnastics: Is your goal today to get better at toes-to-bar? Maybe go for jumping pull-ups on the other stations then, to be able to really focus on your movement of choice.

Moral of the story: Choose your goal of the workout and adjust the flow of your workout to your goal. If you feel like doing something else to reach in that goal of the day, discuss this with the coach. It’s not our workout, it is yours!

Time to go home, take a hot shower, put some warm clothes on and have a nice cosy night on the couch, far away from the rain. Enjoy your well-deserved rest and see you tomorrow!

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